How to Play Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti is one of India’s most popular gambling card games. Do you want to know how to play a teen Patti online game or pick up some tactics to help you enhance your skills? Don’t look any further!

We can tell you all you need to know about this exciting casino game. In this post, we’ll go over how to play the flash card game teen Patti, the fundamental rules, and a few hints to give you an advantage over your opponents. Continue reading to find out more!

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The Different Types of Teen Patti Games

In addition to traditional online Teen Patti, you may play a variety of Teen Patti variants. You may play them with your family and friends at home. We’ll go through 10 distinct Teen Patti versions and how to play flash card game in this section.

Let’s discuss how to play 3 Patti Game variations.

  • Mufliss

Mufliss, commonly known as Lowball, functions similarly to standard Teen Patti. The only difference is that the hand rankings are flipped. The worst hand (high card) has improved to the best hand, while the greatest hand (trio) has improved to the worst hand. If two players have identical hands and compare their cards, the one with the lowest card wins.

In classic Teen Patti, if player A has A-A-A (trio) and player B has 3-5-8 (high card 8) the winner is Player A. In Mufliss, however, player B is the victor.

  • 999

The goal of this version is to come as near to 9-9-9 as feasible. The game is won by the person who comes closest to 9-9-9.

The suit of the cards is unimportant, as each face card corresponds to a certain number.

All face cards have the following numbers:

K, Q, J, and 10 (of any suit) = 0 9 (of any suit) = 9 8 (of any suit) = 8 7 (of any suit) = 7 6 (of any suit) = 6 5 (of any suit) = 4 3 (of any suit) = 3 2 (of any suit) = 2 A (of any suit) = 1

For instance, if you obtain 7-6-A, your number is 761. If you receive 9-K-4 instead, your number is 940.

It’s worth noting that you have the option of changing the sequence of your cards. In the preceding example, if you receive 9-K-4, which is 904, you may rearrange your cards to reach 940. This makes getting closer to 999 easier.

  • Unexpected Death

The dealer shuffles and distributes a pack of cards (52 cards) to each player equally. For example, if there are four participants, each will receive 13 cards.

As a player, you hold your deck of cards between your ring and thumb and drop cards until one of the other players says “stop.” Each player’s card is dropped one after the other. When the first player cries “halt,” all of the others stop dumping cards.

Choose the highest-valued card from the remaining cards in your hand. After that, all participants compare their cards, and the one with the highest card wins.

  • Remove One

In this variation of how to play Teen Patti games, the dealer deals with four cards rather than three. The player must then select the finest three cards from his or her hand and discard the fourth. Because all players have seen their cards, they must all play chaal (see the cards).

The rest of the Teen Patti guidelines stay the same.

  • The Plus Sign

In this tutorial on how to 3 Patti game variation, each player is dealt three cards in this version, and a plus sign is constructed on the table using five cards. The five cards are jokers, which means they can be of any value.

However, players must select jokers from either the horizontal or vertical set of cards placed in the symbol. Before dealing cards, the dealer will decide whether players can select jokers from the horizontal or vertical set of the plus sign.

After the cards are dealt with, the round will proceed as usual. When there is a show, you can use the joker cards to your advantage.

Assume you have A-A-3 (a pair), joker cards are picked from the vertical set of the plus sign, and there is a 3 on the vertical set. Your 3 becomes a joker card with any value. As a result, you may name your 3 an A. You will then have the best hand possible, an A-A-A (trio).

  • Jokers That Change

As in the standard game, each player is given three cards. Everyone is dealt one open card and two closed cards. The open card is that player’s joker card (this card can have any value).

When a player folds, the open card of that player becomes a joker for all other players. When this occurs, you are no longer able to employ your joker card. When the following player folds, his open card becomes the next joker.

Assume you have a spade A (closed card), a spade K (closed card), and a heart 3 (open card). The first player to fold has a spade Q as his open card. You now have a complete sequence (A-K-Q in spades).

  • Auction

In this tutorial on how to play 3 Patti game variations, each participant is given three cards. The dealer also sets two stacks of three cards on the table. Each pile consists of one open and two closed cards. The open cards from the two rounds act as jokers for all of the players.

The two stacks on the table are then auctioned off. Before the round begins, the players take turns bidding on the piles. Any player with a superior hand may opt not to bid. The highest bidder will take the fresh set of cards and replace them with his old ones. The old cards of the players are then discarded. The money that was bid on gets added to the main pot.

Once both stacks of cards have been sold, the game resumes as usual. The sole distinction is that the two open cards function as joker cards for all players. For instance, suppose the two open cards were 2 and 3. Any player holding a 2 or 3 can swap these cards for any other card.

A player who has purchased a new deck of cards may also opt to play blind or chaal. He cannot peek at his two closed cards during the round if he decides to play blind.

  • Pack Jack

In this tutorial on how to play teen Patti online, each player is given three cards, and three joker cards (wild cards) are put on the table. When a player packs (folds) his cards in the game, his cards become the new three jokers. The fresh joker cards are placed on the table, replacing the old joker cards.

When another player packs, his cards take the place of the preceding joker cards.

  • Purchasing Seen and Unseen Jokers

After each participant is dealt three cards, there are two rounds of buying jokers. In the first round, each participant must spend a predetermined amount to purchase a joker. After that, the money is deposited in the pot. The player can choose any of these cards as a joker card by laying it open in front of him. There is no limit to the number of players who can purchase a joker card.

In the second round, a player can purchase a joker from another player by paying a certain price. The player must also put the same amount into the pot, which implies he must pay twice as much. The first-round jokers are kept but shared with a player who pays for them in the second round.

The game is repeated after the second round.

  • Little King

In this point of how to play the 3 Patti game, all of the Kings are jokers in this variation. In addition, the smallest of the three cards handed to each player becomes the joker.

Assume you’ve been dealt a K-Q-4 in various suits. Your K and 4 are joker cards with no face value. You may then form a trio by switching your K and 4 to Q’s (Q-Q-Q).

Game strategy and tips from teen Patti professional players

In India, nothing tops Teen Patti in terms of popularity. Every other Indian plays the card game at least periodically, at parties or special events such as Diwali. With the digitalization of Teen Patti, a growing number of players are resorting to the game to keep themselves interested and lucrative. Even though you might learn how to play teen Patti gold but you need something extra!

We brought you strategies and tips from professionals to let know how to win in teen Patti matches even though the game is based on pure luck.

    1. Play Blind: When you play Teen Patti blind, you face the risk of guessing your cards as well as the cards of other players. The wager is made without the benefit of seeing the cards.
    2. Playing blind also allows you to keep your stakes modest compared to players who put bets based on their cards. Players have been seen to give up or fold if they believe they have a bad hand. The blind player’s instincts can help him win big. However, playing blind reduces your chances of losing large sums of money.
    3. Play Chaal: In this variation of the game, which differs from roulette for fun, the player can choose to see the cards at any moment and put a wager on their turn. This is one of the most common ways to know, how to win teen Patti game.
    4. If one believes they have powerful cards in their hand, they might put a bet and enhance it. They may also bluff other players into packing or folding.
    5. A player who has seen his cards can always request a sideshow from the player who has put the final stake.
    6. The sole restriction regarding sideshow is that you cannot sideshow the final player if they are playing blind. If you have asked for a sideshow, the other player will expose their cards.
    7. This should only be utilized as a move in the game if you are certain that you have better cards than your opponent or the person who made the previous wager.
    8. Pack / Fold: When you end your hand for the game, you pack or fold. This indicates that the money you staked is gone.

When a player believes they cannot win the hand, they make this move. By packing or folding, you are essentially preserving your money from being lost in a losing hand.

The Betting Basics in teen Patti

Let’s start with the fundamentals of how to play teen Patti gold:

  • When learning how to play teen Patti game, keep in mind that each player contributes to the boot money and receives three face-down cards.
  • The player next to the dealer (clockwise) will be the first to begin the game.
  • The player has the option of betting without seeing the cards (sometimes known as “blind” betting). However, if the player sees his or her card, he or she can play “chaal (chance)” or may have other possibilities depending on how the game goes.
  • A blind player is a player who makes a blind wager.
  • A seen player places a wager after viewing his or her cards.
  • Folding and leaving one circle is what it means to pack.

Understanding teen Patti’s basic play

Let’s get specific so you can learn how to play 3 teen Patti games.


  • Before beginning this fascinating casino game, the participants must agree on the amount of money at stake.
  • Assume that the amount of money agreed upon in the first instance is one unit to assist you to grasp how to get unlimited chips in Teen Patti games.
  • Every participant will contribute an equal amount of money to the pot. The position is in the middle of the table, and the winner is eligible for the whole reward money.
  • The dealer then deals with the cards, and the betting begins.
  • So, who has the greatest three cards among the players?
  • Yes, everyone has the choice of looking at their three cards.

Following the basic instructions will also provide you with the knowledge of how to get money in Teen Patti.

Type of rules in Teen Patti Game

The Aces have been ranked first, with two being the lowest. The objective is to have the best three-card hand and increase the pot before the game concludes. The following are the rankings of how to play teen Patti online game:

The cards are ranked from highest to lowest:

Set or Trail (three of the same rank)

Three identical cards of the same rank. Three aces are the greatest number, while three twos are the lowest.

The Straight Flush or the Pure Sequence

Three cards of the same suit in a row.

Sequence (or run)

Three consecutive cards, but not from the same suit.


Three cards of the same suit that are not in a sequence.

Complementary (two cards of the same rank)

The winner of the two pairs is the one with the highest value. If the pairs have the same value, the kicker’s card will determine the winner.

High Card

This is the hand in which the three cards are not in sequence, are not all from the same suit, and there are no two cards with the same value. If two players have the same high card, the next highest card will be used to determine the winner.

Is playing teen Patti legal in India?

In this article, we have learned how to win teen Patti games, but is it a legal game in India?

The basic conclusion is that Indian law has no control over playing online Teen Patti at foreign-based online casinos. Foreign online casinos have the necessary licenses in place, allowing players to enjoy online Teen Patti. This practice of internet gambling is legal in Europe and across the world.

What bets to start after learning How to Play Teen Patti Game

A Look at the Betting Process:

After you understand how to play tee Patti gold, the betting process begins with the player to the left of the dealer and continues in clockwise order around the table. Keep in mind that each player can either place an additional bet into the pot to stay in or pay nothing and fold.

The amount you must put in at your turn to stay in the game is determined by the ‘current stake’ and whether you are playing ‘blind’ or seen (a seen player is known in Hindi as ‘chaal’). To stay in, seen players must wager twice as much as blind players. At the start of the betting process, the current stake is one unit (i.e. the amount that each player put in the pot as an ante).

Note: how to play flash card game teen Patti, If you are a ‘blind; player (you have not looked at your cards), you must put in at least the current stake and no more than twice the current stake. The amount you put in is then the current stake for the next player.

You must wager at least twice the current stake and no more than four times the current stake if you are seen as, a player. The current stake for the following player is reduced to half the amount you bet.

If you are blind, you may opt to glance at your cards when it is your turn to wager. You then become a known player, and from that point on, you must gamble at least double your present amount (or fold).

But wait, there’s more! The betting will continue until one of the following events occurs:

  1. Except for one player, everyone has folded. In that case, the last surviving player wins the entire pot, regardless of the cards held.
  2. All but two players have folded, and one of these two players pays for a show on their turn. In such circumstances, both players’ cards are exposed and compared.

Now you know how to get unlimited chips in Teen Patti games.

Playing blind and chaal Teen Patti ‘Blind’ Playing Instructions

If you choose to play ‘Blind,’ you should also know how to get teen Patti chips, your wager should either match or double that of the preceding player, assuming he or she also played ‘Blind.’

If the previous player bet ‘Seen,’ your wager can either match on behalf of the players.

Performing ‘Seen’ or Chaal

If a previous player plays ‘Seen,’ you must double their bet if you also intend to play ‘Seen’ or Chaal.

If you play ‘Seen’ or Chaal while the preceding player is playing ‘Blind,’ you must double or triple your bet.

How to win in Teen Patti
Teen Patti is a skill and chance-based game. Whether you are an expert or a newcomer to the game, you will need to know how to play Teen Patti with a solid plan and execution to outperform your opponents and win large. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Not if you use the tried-and-true tactics we’ve listed for you.

  1. Begin small: For maximum wins, give yourself a long run when playing Teen Patti. Begin with tiny wagers and progressively raise your stakes. This will let you increase your bankroll and play more hands. Simply said, the more hands you play, the better your odds of winning. The approach works well for both experienced players and newcomers, keeping them from depleting their bankroll in a matter of a few hands. Only raise your best when you have a firm grasp on the situation.
  2. Play blind: Teen Patti’s spice is blind. It’s a wager made without seeing your cards. Make as many blind bets as your cash and judgment will allow. When you accomplish this, you raise the stakes for all of your teammates. When the stakes are high, players allow their emotions to overwhelm their judgments, making them easier to interpret. Those who have a bad hand are more likely to fold, leaving the table open for those who have a good hand. You may now place additional bets more easily and securely. If table limits are low or hands begin with minimal wagers, the blind bet has little impact on your bankroll.
  3. No cards are terrible cards: There are no bad cards in Teen Patti. It’s an engaging game in which you must predict the cards of your opponents. Players frequently act rashly, folding or boosting stakes at the drop of a hat. Now and again, you’ll see a player fold even though they have a stronger hand than you. Here’s your chance to win a hand even if your cards are weak.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice: After learning how to play 3 Patti games, you need to practice hard. Teen Patti is no stroll in the park. To make money, you must outperform your opponents with your inventiveness, talents, and confidence. There is little doubt that these qualities develop with practice. The more you practice, the more you will improve your game awareness, strategy, and execution. Remember the old saying, “practice makes perfect.” It’s time to put it to use for Teen Patti’s benefit. Make the most of the free Teen Patti online games at to keep yourself entertained.
  5. Keep your emotions in check: Teen Patti and emotions make an odd couple. Emotions interfere with rational thought, resulting in some regrettable actions. Consider betting excessively with weak hands out of complacency, or folding too soon out of dread of losing. In a skill game like Teen Patti, you’re better off keeping your emotions in check and letting logic take over. If you find it difficult not to allow emotions to influence your actions, take a break and return when your mind is clear.
  6. Don’t be predictable: Being predictable in Teen Patti online at 7Jackpots reduces your chances of winning. Your teammates are quick to see trends in the way you play your game. Assume you have a horrible tendency of giving up too soon with weak cards and raising the stakes when you have a good hand. Competitors will find it out as the game progresses, depriving you of the edge. Teen Patti’s golden rule is to remain mysterious and ready to spring a surprise.
  7. Sideshows are useful: Teen Patti has them for a purpose. It’s a bet that allows you to ask any other player who has made the most recent wager to disclose his or her cards. Blind players, on the other hand, cannot be asked for a spectacle. If your cards are better than his/hers, you keep the hand, and vice versa. Use the sideshow bet to increase your winnings. The technique is especially useful when you are convinced that you have stronger cards than the person you are asking for a sideshow with.
  8. Take advantage of incentives: Online Teen Patti casinos provide casino bonuses to entice players. According to, bonuses are free cash and other money-saving incentives that tempt you to play Teen Patti at a certain casino. They can be Cashable, Sticky, or Clear Play Bonuses. You can cash out the cashable bonuses, which explains the name. You cannot pay out the sticky bonuses, but you may save them to play for longer in the hopes of winning big. You may cash out the Clear Play incentives at any time, regardless of whether you complete the minimum T&C. Take advantage of incentives to reduce your betting costs and enjoy a longer run at Teen Patti.
  9. Manage your cash: Managing your bankroll is critical to your prospects. A greater bankroll allows you to endure losses and play Teen Patti for a longer period. Again, the longer you play, the better your odds of winning and recovering losses are. The betting bankroll should ideally be around 20% of your overall profits. Don’t utilize borrowed funds or funds needed to sustain your family and lifestyle. Set the limit before you begin, and don’t go over it in any situation. Responsible gambling not only saves you money but also extends the life of your interest.
  10. Observe the game even if you fold: Too often, players will fold a poor hand too quickly and turn their focus to something else. That’s understandable given that they have no stakes in the game to keep them interested. However, it is a poor strategy that prevents them from gaining an edge. When you remain vigilant even after you have surrendered your cards, you tend to get insight into your competitors’ playing styles.

How to play Teen Patti in Hindi

Teen Patti is a game of Indian origin and Hindi is the prime language of India. To full fill the user’s request, bookmakers have provided the Hindi version of Teen Patti online games alongside other regional languages. All you have to do:

  • Download the app on your mobile phone.
  • After running the app on your mobile phone; change the settings > language > Hindi (or whatever language you prefer).

Now you know how to play Teen Patti in Hindi.


The simple conclusion is the rules of how to play teen Patti games are simple and winning in terms of chances. No hardcore strategy is needed however, we have compiled a list of tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay.
The simple answer would be NO, teen Patti is a game of chances, no special skill is required. Read the learning basics of how to play teen Patti online games.

The free version of the Teen Patti game can be hacked. We will mention a couple of techniques for how to hack teen Patti free version.

  • Through Gamekiller software or app.
  • Through Various hacking tools (not found in the google play store).
  • Through the Freedom app.

These methods can also be used to know how to cheat in teen Patti gold.

Teen Patti’s appeal stems from its intimate association with Indian religious festivals, social gatherings, and core cultural history. Above all, Diwali is the festival that draws families together and is the brightest of all Hindu holidays.

A glimpse of how to play teen flash card game teen Patti: after a player lays a bet and everyone’s boot amount is collected, each player is dealt three face-down cards. The dealer is chosen at random, and the cards are dealt with in clockwise order. To stay in the game, each player can either put an extra wager or opt not to stake and fold instead.