Teen Patti Online

You probably have heard about Teen Patti. If not, it is a popular Indian card game version of the British game 3 Card Brag. Teen Patti is also referred to as Flash or Flush or 3 Patti. The player with that best combination wins the game. The game is highly competitive and is widely played in India. The game is suited for 3 to 7 people and is played with a 52-card pack without jokers. Let’s find out more about 3 Patti game online play.
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Teen Patti is number 1 in India because it speaks more about India’s descent and culture. Apart from that, it is straightforward, and it does not require much skill and training, unlike other online casino games, especially card games.

Get started with Teen Patti​

How to Play Teen Patti?

Indian Teen Patti game rules are the same as 3 Card Brag. Three to seven bettors are best suited for the game. Teen Patti flash game unfold like Poker, where the dealer distributes three cards to each player. The cards are kept face down and given out in the anticlockwise direction. The dealer participates in this game, and the person who wins that game becomes the dealer in the next game. The player on the dealer’s left begins the game by placing a bet, and the game progresses. The other players continue placing their bets when it is their respective turn.

Different from other card games, 3 Patti online play game free allows players to bet on the rounds they wish to without any limits. The two-player who remains to the end needs to show the card, and the player with the highest ranking wins the hand. If all other players fold prior to this, betting ends instantly, and the remaining player wins the game automatically.

What You Need to Know to Start Playing Teen Patti

Before you play Teen Patti online, it is important you understand the betting rules. There are a few rules and terms used in the Indian teen Patti game that you need to comprehend.

In Teen Patti game online play, the dealer is determined randomly. For instance, a dealer may be determined by players picking a card on the deck, and the player with the card with the highest ranking will be the dealer, or the hand’s winner will be the dealer. In other instances, the dealer might be determined counter-clockwise.

The minimum bet or the Boot amount is the amount that the gamblers need to confirm and place at the center of the table before the betting round starts. In other words, it is the minimum amount that players have to stake to add to the pot.

‘Seen’ indicates the possibility of players betting after seeing their cards. ‘Blind,’ on the other hand, is where players bet without seeing their cards; it is also referred to as blind playing.

Bot money is the amount the first player has to pay for the first bet. Furthermore, you need to confirm that the online teenpatti casino you are playing at offers several payment methods so that you can deposit and cash out winnings safely and swiftly as possible.

Best Sites to Play Teen Patti

If you are considering playing 3 Patti for real cash, there are numerous sites to choose from. However, you need to ensure that the site protects your personal and financial information. Here are the best Teen Patti online play sites.

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Guides to start with Teen Patti

Betting Rules

After cards are dealt, and the player makes their first choice on whether to look at their cards, the first betting round begins. Each player has to follow the same pattern unless a player has folded. The initial stake is set in advance, or it matches the boot.

Players playing ‘blind’ play as follows

  • In case the player before you play is ‘seen,’ you bet the current wager or at least the current stake.
  • In case the bettor before you plays ‘blind,’ you are supposed to bet the current wager or double the current wager.

Players playing ‘seen’ need to play as follows 

  • In the event the player before you plays as ‘seen,’ you are supposed to bet the current wager or double the current wager.
  • In case the player before plays as ‘blind,’ you need to stake at least the current stake or quadruple the current wager.

Show or Showdown 

Betting will follow the above rules until either of these situations happens.

  1. All but one player have folded; in this case, the remaining players win the pot;
  2. The game has two players, and one of the players pays to have a show.

A showdown or a show can only happen with two players left in the game. However, the two remaining players can ask for a show, but they need to pay a wager for the show to happen.

Bind players

  • You will pay the current wager if the other player is also blind.
  • You have to pay the current wager if the other player is seen.
  • You can’t look at your cards until you have paid for the show.

Seen players

  • If the other player is seen, you play the current stake.
  • If the other player is blind, you pay double the current stake.

After both hands are revealed, the higher-ranking hand wins the pot. In case both hands are ranking the same, the player who did not pay for the show will win.

Sideshow or Compromise

Sideshow or compromise is a side bet between two players that are seen. This only occurs if you don’t have adequate money to match the current bet. Players, however, can ask for a sideshow from the player who bets before them.

In case the sideshow is accepted, the two players compare hands secretly, and the one with the highest rank wins the sideshow. The other player must fold. If the two hands have the same ranking, the player who asked for the sideshow must fold.

If the sideshow is refused, the player who asked for the sideshow needs to stake a bet so as to continue to stay in the game or fold. Betting will continue as usual.

Two ways to play Teen Patti

If you love 3Patti game, there are two ways that you can play this game.

Live Teen Patti

The unique thing about online games Teen Patti, is that you can play them live. You can enjoy tinpatti gems online from a reviewed casino that powers the latest tina Patti game software. Players can relive the real Teen Patti experience with state-of-the-art live gaming sessions. You can enjoy the real-time immersive Teen Patti online pc with real dealers placing bets, announcing wins, distributing cards, and getting all the transmission in HD.

Teen Patti on Mobile

With three Patti reviews, it is never a challenge to find Indian Teen Patti game sites accessible to phones. From the reviews, you are certain of finding a casino that provides the Teen Patti online games on the go. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can play the best Teen Patti game on Android, Windows or iOS phone. You can visit Teen Patti free game casino site and initiate the best game at your fingertips. You don’t need to download your game on your mobile phone. The recommended sites offer instant play on portable devices. To play online 3 Patti, you need to use the device web browser to log into the chosen casino.

Best Game Teen Patti Online

The main difference you might find when playing online is that you will be playing against the dealer and not your friends.

There isn’t a best 3 Patti online play game for real money. As straightforward as this game is, there isn’t too much variation between Teen Patti game online.

Sometimes, you can play virtual games online. Most of these versions will give you the option to enjoy 3 Patti play online free. Unfortunately, most Indian online casinos will allow you to enjoy Teen Patti play online for real cash, leaving you no option but to play with real money.

Teen Patti Cash Game Live

If you play online Teen Patti real cash in a Live Casino, each hand you take part in is played against the dealer. It offers no option to play with your friends.

We see this as a great thing. It wouldn’t make sense to win money from your friends, yet you can win large sums of money from the casino. For you and your friends, it is a win-win situation.

Game development studios have been offering a few Desi games for a while but have recently taken it to a new level by providing a larger variety of games. Evolution, Ezugi, and Woohoo are the studios offering the game.

Teen Patti Rapid

Poker is the basis of the game rules. However, the biggest difference is;

Three cards play the hand instead of 5. Regular poker players will recognize similar hands and ranking as the Las Vegas game.

It is critical to know that Teen Patti Rapid plays out quickly. This may seem obvious based on the name of the game, but it is what differentiates Teen Patti Rapid from other versions of the game.

Players’ cards are dealt face-up, get a pair or better, and you will win the hand. It is this simple.

Teen Patti Pro

You might be intimidated by this name, but this is just the official name of the online teenpatti.

Teen Patti Pro is different from other classic games because instead of playing against a friend, you’ll be playing against the dealer.

Why call this version pro?

The answer is straightforward, it’s the chance to win real money in the Teen Patti cash game.

20-20 Teen Patti

Ezugi created the 20-20 Teen Patti. It is a special version of the popular game. The game is often titled “Bet On” this game plays out between two players instead of playing against the dealer.

You will bet on which of the two-player will reveal the better hand.

So far, this is the best version of the virtual version of Teen Patti.

Play teen Patti online

If you want to enjoy to play online Teen Patti, you can opt to download the apps for Android and iOS and play with friends and other strangers for virtual coins. Finding such games is usually not difficult. However, playing the Teen Patti game at an online casino for real money is quite different. Now there are only two variants of real Teen Patti online that you can find at JungleRaja.

Where to Play Teen Patti Online

Most Indian casinos are adding Teen Pati to their live game library. If you are having a hard time finding a 3 Patti game table online, we recommend you to check out the super Indian-friendly casino JungleRaja and 10CRIC. This is because they have the best promotions you can maximize when playing Teen Patti games.

Online Teen Patti compared to Land-Based

You’ll realize there is no big difference as you play against other gamblers in some instances. However, the online game Teen Patti varies from the Teen Patti original game in the way it is played. The rules and the hand ranking may be different depending on the developer. Some online varieties follow the classic card game where bettors play against a dealer via a video stream. Other Teen Patti open variations only let bettors to bet the outcome between two parties.

Teen Patti Varieties of Games

Tin Patti game play online comes in different varieties. Outlined here are a few of them.

Best-of four:

In this Teen Patti poker game variation, bettors are dealt four cards, and they must choose three of them to get the highest-possible hand ranking.

Muflis (lowball):

In this version, the rankings are reversed. The player with the lowest ranking hand wins.

Low wild:

The lowest card in each player card is considered wild (in the player’s hands only).

High wild:

The highest card in each player is considered a wild (In their hand only).


Players are dealt two face-down cards, and there are 1 to 3 (depending on the version) community with their faces up. Players may not form hands with only the community card (in the 5-card version)


After the three cards are dealt, players are offered the chance to get rid of their cards and get new dealt ones. Normally, one card at a time is changed, and a round of betting follows. Sometimes a new card has to be bought for a predetermined amount, which will be added to the pot.

Why You Need To Trust Us When Choosing Game Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an information resource center that reviews and ranks casinos grounded on some aspects to ensure gamers land at quality casinos offering the game. We are dedicated to providing the player with 10% up-to-date in the Premium Teen Patti websites. All casinos given on our site have thoroughly been vetted by a professional research team, ensuring that you do not end up playing unfair games.

Teen Patti Hands Varieties

Teen Patti means three cards and is played by three cards. Variation of the game consists of options with community cards, drawing or exchanging cards, or winning with low-ranking cards.

Similar to Poker, cards are categorized, depending on hand levels. Normally, A is the top-ranking card, while 2 is the least ranking card.

Since we are playing with 3 cards, there are fewer winning options than in most Poker variations.

Here are some of Teen Patti hand varieties.

Teen Patti Hands variety

Teen Patti Hands variety
Trio- Three of a kind Involves three cards of the same rank Normally, the highest ranks are three As, whereas the lowest rank is the Three 2s.
Straight flush (straight run or Pure sequence) Is made of three succeeding cards of the same suit (heart, clubs, diamond or spades) A-K-Q is the highest straight run, in second place is A-2-3 etc. 4-3-2 is the lowest straight run.
Normal run (Sequence) Three successive cards of different suits. A-K-Q is the highest rank followed by A-2-3, K-Q-J, etc.
Colour (Flush) 3 non-sequential cards of the same suit (A-K-J being the highest-ranking flush while 5-3-2 is the lowest ranking).
Pair –Two of a kind Two cards of the same rank, In case two players have the same ranking pair, the winning hand is determined by the odd card. For instance K-K-J is higher than K-K-9
High Card Three mixed cards that can’t fit in any of the above categories. A-K-J of mixed suit would be the highest ranking while 5-3-2 of mixed suit would be the lowest ranking.

Bear in mind a hand of a higher rank beats those of lower-ranking, as indicated in the table above. For example, 4-3-2 would be a normal run of A-K-Q. Just as a normal sequence of 9-8-7 would beat a pair of A-A-K.

Teen Patti is a card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. As a gambler, the game’s main objective is to form the best three cards hand as per the hand rankings.

Yes, a 3 patti game online play is possible. But it would be best if you made a decision on whether you want to play the game for real money or for free.

Playing Teen Patti Online is straightforward. Follow these steps to play Teen Patti

  1. On a casino that offers Teen Patti choose Teen Patti table
  2. Stake your ante and potential side bets (optional)
  3. After your cards are shown, make up your mind if to Play or Fold
  4. The dealer reveals the cards; if you have better cards, you win, or else better luck next time.

The minimum transaction limit in Teen Patti is ₹800.

In India, Teen Patti play is considered a game of skill, making it legal to play for real money. The

anti-gambling laws set by most states in India exclude games of mere skill that do not have any element of chance or luck. According to the Supreme Court of India, such games do not account for gambling. These games are categorized as commercial activities hence legal. Teen Pati online play is one of the games that isn’t outlawed in the country.

Teen Patti game is influenced by chance. So, skills are required as it is a game of chance.

The answer to the question how to play Teen Patti is very simple, to play Teen Patti online visit our game section and enjoy two free versions of Teen Patti.

Sure, you can use Paytm to make real money deposits at nearly 3 Patti gaming sites.

Yes, you can make real rupees provided you are playing at online casinos that offer winnings in real cash. But we urge you to consider Teen Patti as an entertainment source but not an income source. Bear in mind that playing against the casino is a matter of luck.